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Paytomat ICO

Paytomat is a blockchain-based payment processing system created to help merchants, consumers and crypto core teams to find each other and create real life traction for cryptocurrencies as emerging method of everyday payments. Built as a decentralized autonomous organization and decentralized franchise, Paytomat features two unique loyalty programs based on the PTM coin, incentivizing merchants to accept payments in crypto, and PTX token, incentivizing end customers to pay with crypto. For the purposes of the token sale we will use Waves-based token PTI.

ICO Details

Token Name PTI
Platform WAVES
Catagory Cryptocurrency
Token Price 1 PTI= 0.0001 BTC
Accepted Payment Method BTC, ETH, LTC, WAVES, DASH, NEM, ADA
Token For Sale 17,555,000 PTI
Soft Cap 455.5 BTC
Hard Cap 1755.5 BTC
Minimum Token Buy 100 PTI
ICO Start Date 02.04.2018
ICO End Date 25.05.2018
Country Estonia
KYC, Whitelist Whitelist


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TravelFlex ICO Round Continue Until 12th Jan 2018

Today, the founders of TravelFlex cryptocurrency announced, that the ICO of the project will continue until 12th January 2018 23:59 GMT. TravelFlex is a product for global travelers, based in blockchain technologies, developed by a Hong Kong based company.
During this round, the company is offering to sell 95M TravelFlex coins $0.28 each for funding the project. Funds raised by the ICO offering will be used to develop the blockchain further and to establish additional traveller-specific services to facilitate the growth of traveling industry.
TravelFlex is a working coin and not a token. It’s a coin that can be actively mined and it runs on its own decentralized network, it will be listed on exchanges straight after the ICO.
Don’t be confused by the name Travelflex since the coins can be used for almost anything payment related, not just traveling.
According to estimations used by the founders, the amount of global nomads and travelers will be counted in billions by 2020. TravelFlex ICO round is now open for investors to claim their share on essential financial tools and services for global travelers, based on decentralized blockchain technologies.
TravelFlex offers:
ATM Card for global low-cost cash withdrawals
Social networking and payment features for fellow travelers
Escrow services for advance booking of travel services, like hotels
24/7 live support
Printable traveler-check alike TravelFlex checks
Mobile application for financial transactions and social networking
This investment round is a unique opportunity to claim your share on the next generation cryptocurrency. Most of the TravelFlex services are scheduled to be deployed and in full use by the end of the year 2018.
Contact for more information:
Media Contact: Tukta SangkhamEmail:
WPT Limited / TravelFlex
Room 2405, Progress Commercial Building
9 Irving Street,
Causeway Bay,
Hong Kong – leading Bitcoin News source since 2012

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Globcoin Is Ready to Launch Its ICO Campaign

A few things about Globcoin
Globcoin is a multi-currency payment platform that combines the advantages of fiat currency with those of digital money.  Launched by Reserve Currency Solutions SA, a Zug based company, it aims to provide individuals from all around the world access to fast, secure and cheap transactions.
Globcoin is dedicated to creating an environment in which clients will be able to build currency baskets according to their needs. The platform’s currency is associated with 15 of the most important global economies and gold.
Thanks to the Ethereum blockchain technology on which the platform is based, the services that were once reserved to a select few, will now be available to the mainstream public.
Currency baskets are a varied set of selected currencies with different weightings. These currency baskets have the role of minimizing the risks of value fluctuations that can occur in a single reference currency. Globcoin has been offering cryptocurrency baskets to family offices and significant organizations since the year 2012, and now they will make this from of currency management available to all customers.
But even though the advantages of currency baskets seem obvious, their use is dependent on a few restrictions:
– The barrier of size: the foreign exchange market only trades in large amounts.
– The barrier of price: only experienced currency managers will receive liquidity and good pricing for transactions involving currency pairs from the basket.
– The barrier of infrastructure: buying and selling individual currency pairs, with one of them being quoted by a very limited number of counterparts, requires a dedicated infrastructure and professional team.
Globcoin has developed two Ether tokens:
GCP – a Utility Token that has the ability to issue and access various currency baskets on the platform, including but not limited to the World Reserve Currency (GLX).
GLX – a Token that is connected to the 15 largest fiat world currencies and Gold. The GLX is 100 % backed on a 1-to-1 ratio and for every GLX issued by the Prime Bank there will be collateral ibn fiat currencies and gold. For issuing and exchanging GLX for fiat currency, GCP Utility Tokens are needed.
The team behind the project
Having headquarters in UK and Switzerland, Globcoin brings together a talented collective of individuals which are well versed in FX, blockchain and successful entrepreneurship.
Helie d’Hautefort is one of the company’s co-founders and CEO, known for setting up the first European currency overlay manager and then selling it to BNP Paribas, turning it into a world leader with a revenue of over USD 23 million of AUM.
Bertrand Weisgerber, also a co-founder – he is the current manager and creator of TLS Contact, which over time has become a world leader of visa application, having centers in over 62 countries (15 in China).
More about the ICO
For Globcoin to further continue its development, there will be a token sale with the GCP Utility Token. The fund that will result from this event will be used in improving the current structure of the platform, marketing and PR, customer acquisitions and partnership programs. The proceeds from the funds will also finance 2 years of future Globcoin operations such as legal and administration costs.
Token name – GCP;
GCP created per 1 Ether – 100;
Minimum Ether to be collected (participants can claim a refund if this floor is not reached)-5,000;
Maximum Ether (the token sales ends if this cap is reached)- 150,000;
Maximum Ether (the pre-sale ends if this cap is reached)- 30,000;
Maximum number of tokens generated to crowdsale participants- 15 850 000 to 37.8%;
Maximum number of tokens generated to pre-sale participants- 5 100 000 to 12.2%;
Maximum number of tokens generated for future business development, and market expansion- 12 570 000 to 30%;
Maximum number of tokens generated to team, adviser and early backers- 8 380 000 to 20%;
Maximum number of GCP generated- 41 900 000 to 100%
Globcoin will provide a stable infrastructure on which all members of the community can engage in safe, liquid and cost-effective transactions with fiat and digital currencies alike.
Globcoin will make an appearance at the following crypto-related events: London Blockchain Week on January 18 -19th; 6th North American Bitcoin Conference on January 18 -19th in Miami; Crypto Finance Conference on January 17-19th in St. Moritz, Switzerland; DC Blockchain Summit on March 6-8th in Washington.
Whitepaper: – leading Bitcoin News source since 2012

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The Ethereum price range reaches a new level of explosive growth to 850 USD

The Ethereum value excelled for the first time in the history of 850 USD, setting a new record of strong performance by decentralized applications such as EtherDelta and CryptoKitties.Ethereum in on growingEthereum, the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum blockchain network, has consistently recorded a 3.8 billion dollars trading volume overhead the past three days. Over the past 24 hours, on December 19, the price of Ethereum has risen by nearly 20%, from 718 USD to 870 USD.With a few exceptions, such as Bitcoin Cash, NEM, and Qtum, Ethereum has exceeded nearly every cryptocurrency in the market in a short period.Earlier, Ethereum’s global daily transactions volume was sharply focused on the South Korean exchange market. BitHumb, Korbit, CoinOne, the three major shifting exchanges in South Korea, accounted for about 35% of the global transactions from Ethereum.Freshly, the US currency exchange market has processed most of Ethereum’s transactions, with the Coinbase and Bitfinex the cryptocurrency trading platform’s, GDAX, which has set nearly 800 million dollars in daily sales from Ethereum.Early this month, the legend of the billionaire hedge fund and investor Mike Novogratz exposed optimism about Ethereum’s medium- and long-term growth trend. Novogratz predicted that Ethereum’s price would triple by the end of 2018, from 500 USD to 1,500 USD.Previously, Ethereum’s price has exceeded 850 USD and was close to 900 USD. Various analysts in the cryptocurrency sector also noted that Ethereum is underrated, as the developer and user activity are significantly larger than other’s cryptocurrencies in the market.The factors behind Ethereum’s latest overvoltageThrough the Bitcoin dooms contracts, investors in the traditional finance sector have begun to enter the cryptocurrency market. First of all, due to the massive success of decentralized applications such as EtherDelta and CryptoKitties, and the fact that Ethereum is the only cryptocurrency on the global warehouse that can fight with Bitcoin regarding developer activity, utility, functionality, liquidity, and scalability. Ethereum attracted the attention of investors both in the cryptocurrency area and in the traditional finance sector.CryptoKitties was a significant factor driving the latest Ethereum price increase. While some investors and analysts are still trying to recognize CryptoKitties as a decentralized viable and legitimate application, it has demonstrated the potential of the Ethereum Blockchain’ ability to process digital assets in a decentralized method.If the CryptoKitties digital switch is switched with any other digital item such as a currency, asset, or security, the CryptoKitties can be used to serve the financial industry as a distributed exchange protocol.Due to Ethereum’s scalability issues, Ethereum’s core developers are actively developing unique solutions, such as Plasma, Casper, and Raiden, to relieve users and decentralized developers of gas costs and exorbitant fees.However, while Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin pointed out, the scaling of the Ethereum blockchain could take anywhere from three to five years, depending on the developer’s activity. As Ethereum extends to expand and technology improves, Ethereum’s value as a means of financing decentralized applications will continue to grow.

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Exclusive: Discussion With Australian Blockchain Startup Power Ledger Co-Founder Jemma Green

Australian Solar Startler Power Ledger thinks that Blockchain Technology can stimulate the energy industry to more efficiency, reducing both distributor waste and consumer costs.Since finalizing its initial offer of 34 million Australian Dollars (ICO), the company has participated in several blockchain studies, including one financed by the Australian government.Power Ledger was co-founded by Dr. Jemma Green, a researcher at Curtin University in Western Australia. Before setting up his Power Ledger, Dr. Green worked as an investment banker at the JP Morgan subsidiary in London, where he also received two postgraduate degrees from Cambridge University in the field of sustainability. Dr. Green was also freshly elected as Deputy Mayor of Perth, Western Australia.Dr. Green spoke to the CCN about the challenges of disrupting the energy industry with blockchain technology, as well as about the launch of the first ICO in Australia.CCN: Dr. Green, you have a charming summary, at least. What prompted you to leave the investment banking industry and start developing blockchain-based solutions for sustainable energy?Jemma Green: Halfway through JP Morgan I looked encompassing the office and noticed that there were no recycling facilities. I glanced at it and found that 500,000 pounds a year could be saved from their enlightenment, so I threw this concept to COO in Europe, and he said well. Three months later we launched recycling boxes, and I was very excited until I saw that people were recycling in their office boxes. So I formed a secondary phase called “Bin The Bin,” and I shifted the ugliest person in the office.Something overturned my mind at that moment, and I found that renewable energies are more exciting than my daily work, so I decided to pursue the study of sustainability.CCN: What will be the role that blockchain platforms, such as Power Ledger, will play in the future of the energy industry?Jemma Green: Blockchain platforms will support to facilitate our future energy distribution with the better return on investment for solar panels and batteries. It also allows for a low-cost, low-carbon energy system that sets the client in the first place.Clients will have more authority over their functionalities, as well as a better knowledge of their energy profiles.CCN: What are the vast barriers that Power Ledger and other energy companies face when trying to decentralize the energy industry?Jemma Green: There are a lot of adjustments in the field of the energy industry, so it is indeed an obstacle. The most challenging part is finding a way to work within the rules, while disturbing sector – it is a balancing act, but one that we managed through partnerships.By saying this, there are limited incentives in specific markets for a market that needs to innovate on a platform like the Power Ledger.There is also a massive educational process that has to happen so that purchasers understand their choices when it comes to energy.CCN: You had an ICO / TGE with great success, mainly since you were the first Australian startup to keep one. What was the most challenging about this experience?Jemma Green: It was very hard for our resources. I was simultaneously juggling the business while I was also spending 12 hours a day at ICO. Being a startup, everyone has been and still is using multiple hats, so we steadily manage how to spend the best time, making sure that we do not differ too much from our long-term goals.It’s also hard because you do not need to outsource anything. So we’d be in our telegram chat until 1 am and the dawn break that runs the business. It was imperative for us, as executives, to be involved in the community throughout the ICO process, introducing new customers and leading the company.CCN: In retrospect, occurs there any aspect of the ICO / TGE you would like to have treated uniquely, or advice that you would give to other companies that are trying to launch token sales?Jemma Green: Through all the madness, sometimes we were caught reactive preferably than proactive with our official answers. For example, we would be in trenches on our telegram chat!. Talking with each person instead of being strategic and using the voice of the company and getting to it.We also had crew members radiated all over the globe, which was very good to reach, but brought its challenges. I would advise other ICO’s to prioritize the establishment of an internal connection both in the location and in the discipline.In retrospect, these things were easy to change, but the reality is that we could not have gotten a better result than what we have achieved.

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Indiegogo The Giant Crowdfunding seems to make ICO’s Mainstream

Crowdfunding The Indiegogo platform has a plan to help initial currency bids (ICO) break in the mainstream, even if the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) improves its oversight of ICO emerging markets.Published on Tuesday, Indiegogo’s new ICO investment platform will bring in this fund-raising model for a wide range of potential investors who, despite the ICO’s hype of the year and never participated in a token sale.ICO is a new and exciting new tool for Crowdfunding, stated Slava Rubin, the founder of Indiegogo and chief business officer. But what has been lacking so far is a platform that can make ICOs available to a global audience while maintaining the strictest standards of compliance and quality control. That is an essential step towards fulfilling our mission to democratize worldwide.Noteworthy, the platform will carry both utility and security tokens and will help start-up companies comply with SEC regulations governing protection offers. Under a provision of the 2012 JOBS Act, unverified investors will be able to invest up to 10,000 USD in each ICO, even those registered as securities. Although each company will be limited to contributions from this category of investors to one million dollars.Also, Investors will be able to contribute both to fiat and cryptocurrencies uses, eliminating an entry barrier that has prevented many non-cryptocurrency owners from entering ICO markets.Besides, Indiegogo and its partners will develop projects before displaying them on the platform, helping to protect investors against the scams that are currently in the industry. Only this week, the SEC filed a lawsuit against organizers of ICO PlexCoin, and one of these organizers was jailed for violating a court order prohibiting them from operating the token sale.The first project to use the platform is the FCFL, a start that plans to build a football league where supporters play an active role in managing teams. This participation will vary from making gaming calls to front-office decisions, and fans will gain voting rights by purchasing FAN chips. FCFL ICO organizers are Indiegogo alumni who used the platform to buy a minor football team to test the fan-driven team management model.However while the Indiegogo ICO platform will probably help the sales of the token to continue expanding, the service is also a significant growth opportunity for the company. Besides its ten-year history, Indiegogo has helped small and medium-sized businesses raise over 1 billion dollars, a considerable amount. But, according to an estimate, in 2017, ICO’s increased more than 3.6 billion dollars.

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Ripple Price Drop 13% after the company escrow 55 billion’s XRP

Ripple received a 13% drop after the start of Fintech showed he had put the 55 billion’s XRP pieces in escrow.Price of Ripple declined most of the week in decline, falling from 0.254 USD on December 1 to 0.222 USD this morning. But, shortly before 1:00 UTC, the buildup price went up to 0.272 USD before giving a current price of 0.250 USD for a 12-hour gain of nearly 13%.Ripple’s periodic trading volume swelled to nearly 700 million dollars, almost half of which focused on the South Korean exchanges of Bithumb, Korbit, and Coinone.Ripple 55 billion’s XRP in escrowThe possible justification for the surge is the announcement that Ripple, the start of the Fintech behind XRP. Officially placed 55 billion of the estimated 61.8 billion in XRP in escrow. Every month, 1 billion coins will be opened for Ripple’s use, and all remaining coins will be distributed back into the escrow.This improvement dismissed the threat that Ripple could flood the market with XRP, effectively lowering the value. Although very unlikely, this scenario was possible because Ripple holds nearly twice as many XRP’s than it is currently in circulation. Momentarily, XRP investors know for sure the rate at which the new coins will enter the market, allowing them to set a fair price for the token better.By ensuring the leverage of XRP in escrow, people can mathematically check the maximum bid that can enter the market. While Ripple has proven to be a responsible XRP supplier for almost five years and has apparently demonstrated an extraordinary experience of investing and sustaining the XRP ecosystem. This blockage eliminates any concern that Ripple could swamp the market that we have outlined before is a scenario that would be bad for Ripple.Ripple announced his intention to keep those coins a few months ago, so the news has already been cherished. However, the escrow execution offered the Ripple price with another punch, which allowed the fourth market cap on the most substantial cryptocurrency to grow to 9.7 billion dollars.

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Indiegogo announces initial coin offerings & blockchain investments

The crowdfunding platform Indiegogo now offers ICOs and blockchain investments. With more than 67 million pageviews per month, this is far from being a small network user. Crowdfunding has been used in the past primarily to fund fan and niche projects, which is likely to change soon.
As the pioneers of crowdfunding, we launched our core perks-based platform in 2008 to help great ideas come to life. We’ve continued to develop new ways for backers to be part of the journey, and last year we launched Equity Crowdfunding, enabling anyone to invest and actually own a piece of their favorite startups. Today, we’re taking the next big step. We’re incredibly excited to announce that you can now invest in the first Initial coin offering (ICO) pre-sale with Indiegogo and MicroVentures.
You’ve probably heard a lot about ICOs lately. This year alone, companies have sold more than $3.6B in cryptocurrency tokens, which is greater than all of the venture capital raised in the same period. Suffice it to say, digital token sales have proven to be revolutionary – allowing companies to provide greater utility and liquidity to investors than traditional investment instruments.The reliable, global platform for ICOs
For months, all kinds of companies have been asking us to assist them with token sales. They’ve seen us help entrepreneurs raise more than $1B through crowdfunding campaigns in more than 230 countries and territories worldwide, and since we launched Equity Crowdfunding a year ago, we’ve already helped 30 companies raise more than $7.5M from 1100+ investors globally.
Three things make Indiegogo the ideal place for token sales:
1) Accessibility for all
Existing token selling services tend to target only cryptocurrency fans and often sell exclusively to accredited investors, leaving 97% of Americans out of ICO-mania. Because inclusivity is essential to our platform, we are committed to making token sales more understandable and available to the 10 million monthly visitors on Indiegogo and to maximizing how many people around the world can invest, accredited or not. This means more people investing, and it means that sellers can reach more investors – not to mention customers, fans, partners and developer
2) Robust compliance
We’ve been partnering with FINRA-registered broker-dealer MicroVentures for more than a year for our equity crowdfunding portal to help ensure our equity crowdfunding offerings are SEC compliant. We will similarly offer ICOs in an SEC-compliant way, which is crucial for both investors and sellers. Though the laws governing token sales are still evolving, many ICOs today are conducted outside of securities laws. On Indiegogo, we want your investments and token pre-sales to be fully compliant with current regulations to protect our sellers and investors.
For sellers, our registered broker dealer can facilitate token pre-sales inside current SEC regulations including Reg CF, Reg D, Reg A+ and Reg S, in addition to providing critical investor accreditation validation, know-your-customer (KYC), anti-money-laundering (AML) services and much more. In some states, like Texas and Florida, certain investments can’t even be offered without a registered broker-dealer. We’ve made sure that through our partnership with MicroVentures, token sellers can reach more investors in more states.
3) Curated selection
With a combined experience of nearly 20 years and $1.5B in fundraising, we’re working with MicroVentures to source the very best token pre-sales. Investors can be confident we don’t let just any token pre-sale on our platform and companies can be confident that their pre-sales will be in good company on our platform.

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Buyer Beware! As Coins and Tokens Flood the Market, How Do Smart Investors Pick the Winners?

Initial Coin Releases (“ICOs”) have yielded investors billions while raising needed capital for talented tech entrepreneurs. Day traders and investors can make quick returns on little known coins, which can multiply in value before users’ very eyes.  These huge gains, however, do not come risk- free.  Far from it – the biggest losers in virtual currency markets can drop to half their value in a single day.
Minimizing risk and maximizing return is the keystone of any well-managed portfolio. The Stamps platform is designed to achieve the ultimate balance in risk and return on equity token investments. On the Stamps Platform, investors can get the confidence they need to commit large funds to a new virtual currency. However, how will the best virtual currency investors choose tokens on the platform to buy in to?
New Coins and Tokens Are Launched Every Day
Every day, tech entrepreneurs launch new virtual currencies through ICOs. These add up to thousands of new cryptocurrencies being created each year. Inevitably, many of them will be very similar and there are bound to be at least a few that are seriously flawed. With so many new coins available every day, investors can become overwhelmed trying to separate the winners from the losers.
Which Token Should I Buy?
Thorough research is the basis for any good investment.  Before buying a new coin or equity token, look into the company launching it. The team behind the project, the type of product or service they offer, and presentation and marketing of the company are all good indicators of whether it’s a good investment. Information on the actual coin offering or equity token release should be clear and easy-to-find, as transparency is critical in these types of investments.
Of course, the value of your investment will ultimately be tied to the success of the token-developers business, so make sure the company has laid the groundwork for a successful product launch. Look for a Minimum Viable Product, or “MVP,” in the company’s whitepaper or website, which is generally a prototype or beta version of the product it’s taking to market. Pay attention to social media to determine what sort of market demand the token has stirred up pre-sale. After all that, if you’re satisfied by your research, you can make your investment with confidence.
The Stamps Platform Increases Security and Transparency for Investors
Investors are always looking for ways to mitigate the risk associated with investing in cryptocurrencies.  The Stamps platform does just that by offering a way for businesses to issue tradable equity tokens as an alternative to the traditional ICO model. When a business issues equity tokens on the Stamps platform, it retains a portion of them and the rest are gifted to STAMP coin holders. Once market demand for the business’s equity tokens develops, some or all of the retained tokens can be liquidated to fund the business operations as needed. However, if no market demand emerges within a specified timeframe, the equity tokens are destroyed, and the equity is returned to the issuer without causing unnecessary disruption or volatility in the market. This is not a one sided situation, equity token holders have all of the benefits of holding legal shares of the issuing business, such as Bitcoin dividend payments, voting rights, buyout payments, and more. Just like shares in a stock, just by holding the equity tokens there is an automatic legal agreement between the equity token holder and the issuing business.
The Stamps platform is safe and transparent, making sure that users have access to the information they need to make informed choices. The STAMP Coin distribution is planned with a soft cap raise of $1 million and a hard cap raise of $89 million. You can read more about their upcoming ICO by clicking here. – leading Bitcoin News source since 2012

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First-of-Its-Kind Affiliate Marketing Platform PM7 Leverages Blockchain Technology to Disrupt the World of Advertising

PM7 is all set to start their Initial Coin Offering under smart contracts based on Ethereum, from December 17, 2017. This innovative affiliate marketing platform promises to revolutionize the concept of advertising for both online and offline projects by connecting the project creators directly to their customers, with no space for the advertising, marketing and PR agencies.
December 9, 2017
PM7 is pleased to announce that the upcoming ICO campaign for their groundbreaking affiliate marketing platform will start on December 17, 2017. Designed to be the next big innovation in the field of advertising, PM7 will bridge the gap between the project creators and their audience by eliminating the intermediaries such as the advertising, marketing and PR agencies. Based on the blockchain technology, the platform looks to redefine the professional experience in the field of MLM by making it transparent and decentralized like never before.
The PM7 team will launch their new platform in the rapidly growing market of ICO campaigns. The competition in this field has grown significantly over the last few years, forcing many campaign owners to opt for expensive marketing campaigns to attract the attention of the investors. In some instances, this cost may amount to more that 50% of the entire ICO budget. PM7 will utilize a marketing burst similar to that of multi-level marketing, for the dissemination of information related to ICO campaigns.
The primary goal of the approach introduced by PM7 is to create a win-win situation for all parties. It offers project owners the support they need to reach out to a large number of potential users and investors. On the other hand, in addition to the ICO products, the users have the opportunity to make additional earnings by recommending the ICO campaigns. The distribution capabilities of this platform will be available soon for all types of projects. The participants in the PM7 system will receive benefits and income from its functioning and development on a multilevel basis. The platform will also provide PM7+, a mobile application with unique content related to each project.
An important component of the PM7 system is the PM7 event, an indicator of the platform volume equal to the possible amount of revenue in the system. Another key system component is the PM7 digital token based on the ERC-20 standard that will be awarded to the backers supporting the ICO of PM7 platform and purchasing premium accounts with different number of events. These tokens perform infrastructure functions and they are the identifier, the unit of measurement of PM7 events, and quantity of updatable free PM7 events per month that the backers will receive by purchasing events during the ICO. The PM7 token is also a virtual currency that will be accepted and used by projects on the platform (and partners) and will be accepted later as payment for services on the platform and bonuses.
The PM7 users will also receive commission based bonus for everyone involved in the user system. In order to maximize their bonus, the users have the freedom to share information about projects through any communication channels, including messengers, letters, social networks, text messages, or anything else. PM7 has already introduced PSP, a payment service for circulation, transfer and payment by cryptocurrencies.  The platform has also established an exchange market for personal transactions between users in the crypto currency and project tokens, using trading analytics tools and signals.
The company’s roadmap for the future includes
Launching PM7 ICO
Development of iOS/Android/Web SDK
PM7 Blockchain Explorer development for platform net and events visualisation
Development of social community chat for platform users
Issuance of Visa/MasterCard cards for cryptocurrency payments
Adding the possibility to pay bonuses as tokens of projects
Integration of PM7 with other types of projects
Creating own exchange market
The token distribution structure of PM7’s upcoming ICO is as mentioned below.
Token Price: $0.05
Total token quantity: 1,000,000,000
Quantity of token to be sold: 500,000, 000
Minimum purchase: 400 PM7
Hard cap: $12,500,000
More about this project can be found at
About PM7: PM7 is a decentralized and innovative affiliate marketing platform, designed to radically change the advertising world for online and offline projects. The main idea of the platform is to reduce the gap between the creators of advanced projects and their customers by eliminating the advertising, marketing and PR agencies and allow all participants in this process to create progressive and groundbreaking technologies.
Contact: Vadym Yevtushenko
Email: – leading Bitcoin News source since 2012

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